KPN wants to help everyone in the Netherlands to move forward in this digital world and to connect them to a sustainable future. We achive this by making a valuable contribution in terms of the following themes.

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Making the leading digital infrastructure of the Netherlands faster and more sustainable

We accelerated the roll-out of our latest generation fixed and mobile networks, adding a record number of 549k households to our fiber footprint, and making our more than 5,300 mobile network sites ready for 5G. Our networks – recognized as best in class by external benchmarks – are the foundation on which we and our customers can increasingly build more innovative and sustainable products and services.


households to our fiber footprint

In 2023 KPN continued developing innovative solutions that build on KPN’s fiber and 5G networks. This included services and products enabling working from home (Smart Home solutions), our television service KPN TV+ offering, secure and efficient exchange of data (via KPN Data Exchange), our platform of IoT solutions, as well as private 5G, which enables large corporations to have their own network carved out and store their data locally.



Innovation for sustainable growth
Innovation is crucial to KPN’s future business growth. Developing new products and services enables us to meet new customer demands and help digitalize society further in a responsible way. We achieved good results in innovation in 2023. Several projects from our innovation pipeline made it to the product portfolio. We continuously seek innovative ways to combine new and existing services to offer to our consumer customers.

Our business clients prioritize digitalization, cybersecurity, and moving toward circular business models.

Our business clients prioritize digitalization, cybersecurity, and moving toward circular business models. In turn, these guide our efforts to improve our products and services and innovate where possible. To further accelerate growth in B2B, stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant for our customers, we introduce new innovative solutions and services in various domains.



Security first and fostering privacy
We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of connectivity carefree, so, we strive for security first at KPN. Security is one of our most material topics and we follow various security policies. By creating employee awareness, we are able to foster the right security and privacy mindset.

We strive for security first at KPN.

As the scale and complexity of cybersecurity attacks grow globally, we are working to reduce cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, to protect our systems and data and those of our customers. To further embed security awareness and preparedness in our organization, we launched our ‘4As’-strategy in 2023 as part of our Security First approach.

Customer Service

Customer value

Creating value for our customers
Within both our Consumer and Business units, we are constantly listening to our customers and working to meet their growing needs and expectations. Building on our customer-centric approach, we consistently enhance the range and quality of our tailor-made products and services while advocating for secure and responsible internet usage.

Providing our customers a good service remains one of our top priorities.

In 2023, we have put a lot of effort to enhance value to our existing customer base and launched compelling new offers and services to attract new customers. Providing our customers a good service remains one of our top priorities, and we made solid progress in 2023.

Environmental performance

Environmental performance

Our transition to net-zero
KPN is at the forefront as one of the world's most sustainable telecom companies. Our commitment to addressing climate issues goes hand in hand with our daily actions. In realizing our ambitious zero waste and zero emission agenda, we recognize the crucial role of engagement from suppliers and customers across the entire value chain. Collaboration is key to creating the necessary solutions.

We aim to be nearly 100% circular by 2025.

With our approach to sustainability, we aim to influence the environmental impact of our entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers. This includes our procurement process, operations, and the impact of our products and services before, during, and after use. We aim to be nearly 100% circular by 2025.

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